Stretchy Summer Wetsuits

The sun is shining and the water has warmed up. It may not be warm enough for board shorts so you definitely need a wetsuit. Flexibility and stretch are what most people look for in a summer suit and the Comp series ticks all the boxes. For this reason, SIMA awarded the XCEL Comp X as “Wetsuit Of The Year” in 2017.

edouard delpero wears the xcel comp wetsuit
edouard delpero wears surfing in the xcel comp wetsuit


The Comp suit is the entry price version in the Comp series and covers your needs for a summer suit – good stretch, lightweight and a summer inspired selection of colour options, Spruce Green, Pewter Blue and the standard black for those who aren’t feeling so bold. The Comp is available in four thicknesses 2mm 3/2 4/3 and 5/4.
Performance is always taking priority over fashion with Xcel, never is there any unnecessary seams just to add a colour panel.
The Comp suit has one large panel on back for maximum range of motion.

Edouard Delpero Tests The XCEL COMP Wetsuit

The Comp X

The Comp X is the top of the range suit in the series and offers a host of upgrades including an upgraded Japanese Limestone neoprene which is lighter, softer and provides better insulation. The lining is TDC which once against the skin is medically proven to increase blood flow, boosting performance, energy and speeds up muscle recovery. These materials give you a wetsuit that offers more warmth from a thinner material which in turn has more stretch. The Comp X is produced with performance in mind, you get one piece panel on the front and back with minimal seams.

Less seams = More Stretch

reuban ash surfer wears xcel comp x wetsuit
reubyn ash surfing

Reubyn Ash Tests The XCEL COMP X  Wetsuit


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